UNSolved Hunt For The Truth

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Murder or accident? A body has been found in the forest, and now every detail counts to determine what happened!

In Unsolved: "The Hunting Accident", players look at picture cards to try to solve a case, with the game including three cases. To set up, shuffle the 30 base cards with the six case-specific cards. In each round, the investigators are given a picture card, which everyone examines carefully. Then the cards are passed on to their neighbors in turn. When everyone has looked at the cards, they discuss together which cards should be placed face up in the middle to help solve the case. A total of twelve cards may be revealed to answer these questions: Who is the victim? Is there a murder weapon? And who may have killed the victim and for what reason?

When the draw pile is empty, the group tries to reconstruct what happened and answer the open questions. Each correct answer is worth 2 points; each wrong answer is worth -1 point.

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