Bring and Buy 2024

London's BIGGEST & BEST Bring & Buy returns... 2 Days of incredible bargains on TTRPGs, Wargaming, Board Games & more!

Join us August 10th & 11th, 12pm - 6pm!

We will be continuing with the '2 days/2 prices' system. When you see a cool item, you can buy it Saturday or risk waiting until Sunday to get the better deal.

Entry will be staggered, At noon each day we will call upon the Mythic Members followed by Elite members and then all others will enter by standard line. This early access is just one of the many perks for being a supporter of The Game Chamber.

The Details

Print the form and tags below or call instore to pick some up. Please prepare your items for drop off starting no earlier than August 1st and no later than Friday August 9th.

All items must be packaged and labelled individually, The Game Chamber is unable to display/sell items that aren't supplied this way. We strongly recommend masking tape to attach slips to boxes/books and to package multiple boxes together (such as selling a base game and expansion as a job lot) and clear ziplock sandwich bags with the slip inside but clearly visible for loose items such as miniatures, terrain, cards, toys and jewellery.

Please keep items related to gaming or geek culture, we reserve the right to refuse your items if we don't believe they belong at the event.

Your unsold items need to be picked up no later than one week following the event. Abandoned items will be donated to charity. (if you plan to donate unsold items, please circle the option on the form)

On your form you will select if you are selling for cash or store credit. If you select cash you will be able to pick up your 70% starting the Monday following the event. If you selected store credit, 90% of your sold total will be added to your account as fast as we can process it. If you don't make a selection we will assume you want store credit. Store credit is non refundable, does not expire and may be used in store or online, however it may not be compatible with online coupon codes, in such a case we are happy to accommodate you in person.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, however you have our promise we will make every effort possible to make sure all items are accounted for, after all... our personal items are likely in the sale as well.