Slow Grow 2022/23

Game Chamber Slow Grow 2022/23


It's BACK! The Game Chamber Slow Grow is here for it's 2022/23 and it's bigger than ever! Take 8-10 months to complete a full army or warband for the game of your choice with the support of the community and receive incredible prizing in return!

Starting officially on October 1st 2022!

Games Workshop

The classic GW slow grow returns with all the awesome features and prizing you expect. Paint up a full army over the course of 10 months for:

Warhammer 40k - 2000pts

Age Of Sigmar - 2000pts

Lord Of The Rings - 800pts

And on completion receive 100% of your $120 entry fee back plus 10% of all applicable purchases AND the possibility of that amount being up to DOUBLE for winning one of our finale paint showcases.

This Slow Grow finishes July 31st 2023

Other Games

You asked for it! The Slow Grow for the other guys! Paint up a full army over the course of 8 months for:

Star Wars: Legion - 800pts

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - 20 Threat Value (minimum 10 models)

Infinity - 450 Points

Warmachine - 50 Points

OR ANY OTHER GAME! (Contact us)

And on completion receive 100% of your $60 entry fee back plus 5% of all applicable purchases AND bonus prizes at our Finale Showcase

This Slow Grow finishes May 31st 2023

Event Rules

  1. Take a picture every time you prime the models you will be painting for the Slow Grow with your name and date somewhere in the picture.
  2. Take a picture of each unit as you finish them and upload it to the slow grow section of our Discord to register their completeness.
  3. You must come out to at minimum 6 different events throughout the Slow Grow.
  4. You must have a full army* painted by the end of the event. A model is fully painted when it has 3 colours on it and has something on its base.
  5. Point values for a 'complete' army can be found above, or discuss a completion value for another game with The Game Chamber staff!
  6. 3D prints or other proxies will not count towards total point values or paint showcase entry. Head swaps, should pads, and weapons excluded. If in doubt please ask.
  7. You must drop off a portion of your army at the store for viewing 10 days prior to the Final Showcase.
  8. Adhering to rules above makes you eligible to claim your prize pool including the extra percentage bonus and winner multiplier/finale prizing if applicable.
  9. If participating in the GW Slow Grow, all prizing will be given as gift vouchers exclusively for use against further GW Products, including, but not limited to 40k, AoS, LotR and Citadel Paint and Supplies.
  10. Prize vouchers are not applicable for use with any other offers/discounts.

Both Slow Grows require attendance at 6 events throughout the season. Dates will be announced soon! These include, but are not limited to:

Every month, we will host an official paint night at the store (you can of course come and use the paint area at any time) come and hang out with other Slow Grow participants and staff and get some comradery and hints and tips!

Each game will have a monthly tournament, including 'Slow Grow Tournaments' every few months with smaller point value requirements, these will be great 'milestones' to hit as you develop your army. A small percentage of 'Slow Grow Tournaments' ticket sales will go towards Finale prizing, the rest will be prized out for the event.

The FREE Beginner's League is back! For both 40k and AoS, this is a great way to get your new armies to the table and meet other members of the community!
Paint Showcases are a great way to push yourself with your technique. Bring a single model to be judged by The Game Chamber community members, staff and customers. Prizing will be awarded for the best painted minis!
The end of each Slow Grow event will culminate in a Finale Showcase event. We are still working on the details for this, but we are taking all the awesome feedback we got last year on board!
Who are you and what am I participating in?

This is the Game Chamber’s Slow Grow! With the biggest game store in London (over 5800 square feet!) and the best membership value in the city, you are joining a relaxed and flexible Slow Grow where we are committed to seeing everyone succeed and reward everyone as such.

When does it start?
You may register immediately, although the official start date is October 1st 2022, with official events starting soon after.

How many points do I need to paint?
It totally depends on the game. We've listed some of the larger games above, but you can participate in the Slow Grow with any game that we stock/can stock, so reach out to us if there is a game not listed and we can work with you do come up with a suitable and obtainable goal!

In addition, we will make accommodations for people adding onto existing armies. The points requirements will not change, and only newly completed models will count for completeness, prizing and showcases. 

When can I build, prime and paint my models? Do I need to have a certain amount done every month?
There are no official monthly requirements when it comes to building, priming or painting. You can hobby at your own pace! Whilst there will be tournaments through out the slow grow that require a certain amount of points to be finished, the only official time requirement is to finish the allotted point value by the end of the event.

Do I have to paint my own models?
Well, yeah. That's the point. Remember a painted model is minimum 3 colours and a base.

Do I have to buy models from The Game Chamber?
Absolutely not! You can use unpainted models that you have lying around to paint for your army, or you can purchase stuff elsewhere, although, why would you? ;). However, remember that all models purchased for your army from us will add a percentage of the purchased value to your prize pool!

What’s the deal with the 6 events?
The Slow Grow is not only here to 'slay that grey' and get models painted, it's also a social experience and a great way to meet like minded individuals and grow the community for your game. We will be hosting multiple events per month for you to attend, including free painting nights, tournaments and weekly 'game nights'. You'll have to attend at least 6 of these for completion, but we'd obviously love to see you out for more!

Am I required to play games with the army that I am painting?
No, there is no required play element to our Slow Grow. We have lots of optional events for people to join and play in, but none of them are required by any means. However, any play events that you join do count towards the 6 event minimum that you need to complete the Slow Grow. But you are more than welcome to attend 6 paint nights and nothing else. 

Do I have to play the same army in the Beginner League, Crusade Tournament, etc. that I paint for the Slow Grow?
For our official 'Slow Grow Tournaments', you'll need to field your Slow Grow army, but if you choose to play in any other side events, the armies that you play with can be completely different from the army that you’re painting. You can even switch up the armies you play with between the different events!

Is the GC staff participating in this event?
Yes many of us will be painting and playing along the way, however none of The Game Chamber staff are eligible to win any of the Finale prizing.

What happens to my prize pool if I fail?
Our goal is to make sure that everyone who puts in the effort gets to collect their prize pool. If by the end of the event you still have unpainted models, we will try to motivate you and help you finish your army even past the event end date.

If you do not end up painting anything, if you don’t come out to 6 nightly events or if you missed taking pictures of the majority of your primed models, you will not be eligible for your prize pool.

What happens if I don’t win one of the 9 prizes?
As long as your army has been completed and you have met the additional requirements, you will be awarded your entry fee, plus % +bonus % of models purchased at The Game Chamber for your chosen faction.

What happens when I finish?
Congratulations! Depending on your Slow Grow:

Games Workshop
You’ve successfully built & painted your points allotment in 10 months and also attended 6 events! We will calculate your 10% off applicable purchases and add it to your entry fee. 3 sets of 3 lucky winners (9 in total) will win a modifier to their pool of 150%, 175% or 200%.
All prizing will be given as gift vouchers exclusively for use against further GW Products, including, but not limited to 40k, AoS, LotR and Citadel Paint and Supplies.
Non Games Workshop
You’ve successfully built & painted your points allotment in 8 months and also attended 6 events! We will calculate your 5% off applicable purchases and add it to your entry fee. Bonus prizes will be awarded on the Finale Event.
All prizing will be given as store credit.

So everybody gets a ribbon then?

Finishing a full army is no easy task especially with basing and painting, and your participation over the months helps us grow our community and also helps foster the environment we want at The Game Chamber. Awarding your entry fee back to you is our thank you for that.

Where does this money come from?
A small amount from each official Slow Grow tournament ticket sale will go towards supporting prizing. This, as well as support from the excellent relationship with our suppliers, has helped us bring this offer to you.

Do I have to drop off my models for the finale showcase early?
Yes, if you want a chance to win any of the bonus prizes. Please drop off your models up to 10 days before the finale showcase event. You will pick up your models on the day of the showcase.

What do I drop off?
We ask that each participant brings in their best example of models that fit inside a 12” x 6” space. These models will be safely displayed behind glass for the public to vote on. These are also the models the Participants and Staff will vote on as well so choose wisely!

Do I have to attend the Finale Event?
We strongly suggest that you come to cast your vote for the player choice. Prizes and certificates will also be handed out at this event and this will be your first opportunity to use your credit won.

We will add to this as questions arise.

We can’t wait to see the fantastic armies you all produce in 22/23!