Event Rules

  1. Take a picture every time you prime the models you will be painting for the Slow Grow with your name and date somewhere in the picture. Points for creativity
  2. Take a picture of each unit as you finish them to register their completeness.
  3. You must come out to 6 different event nights throughout the Slow Grow.
  4. You must have a full army* painted by the end of the event. A model is fully painted when it has 3 colours on it and has something on its base.
  5. You must paint a total of 2000 points of a 40k faction, 2000 points of an Age of Sigmar faction or 800 points of Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game models.
  6. Every model must be at least 75% GW. Exceptions to this rule can be made on a case by case basis.
  7. You must drop off a portion of your army at the store for viewing 10 days prior to the Final Showcase.
  8. Adhering to rules above makes you eligible to claim your prize pool including the extra 10% bonus and winner multiplier if applicable.


Who are you and what am I participating in?

This is the Game Chamber’s GW Inclusive Slow Grow! With the biggest game store in London (over 5800 square feet!) and the best membership value in the city, you are joining a relaxed and flexible Slow Grow who’s committed to seeing everyone succeed and reward everyone as such.

When does it start?

You may register immediately, and the Paint Nights will begin in September.

How many points do I need to paint?

At the end of the Slow Grow on June 30, 2022, you will need to have 2000 points of 40k, 2000 points of Age of Sigmar, or 800 points of Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game / Lord of the Rings of a single faction.

When can I build, prime and paint my models? Do I need to have a certain amount done every month?

There are no monthly requirements when it comes to building, priming or painting. You can hobby at your own pace! The only time requirement is to finish the allotted point value by the end of the event.

Do I have to paint my own models?

The models must be primed and painted by you. Of course we have no way to verify this so it is all based on the honour system.

Do I have to buy models from The Game Chamber?

Absolutely not! You can use unpainted models that you have lying around to paint for your army. If you are looking for anything, however, remember that all GW models purchased for your army add 10% of the purchased value to your prize pool!

What’s the deal with the 6 events?
    We hope that you want to participate in many more than 6 events over the 10 months, you are not limited to 6. The Paint Night events, Beginner League games, Crusade/Narrative Tournaments, and the Paint Showcase events all count towards your 6 events.

Am I required to play games with the army that I am painting?

    No, there is no required play element to our Slow Grow. We have lots of optional events for people to join and play in, but none of them are required by any means. However, any play events that you join do count towards the 6 event minimum that you need to complete the Slow Grow. 

Do I have to play the same army in the Beginner League, Crusade Tournament, etc. that I paint for the Slow Grow?

If you choose to play in our side events, the armies that you play with can be completely different from the army that you’re painting. You can even switch up the armies you play with between the different events!

Is the GC staff participating in this event?
    Yes many of us will be painting and playing along the way, however none of the GC staff are eligible to win any of the 9 Slow Grow finale prizes.

What happens to my prize pool if I fail?

    Our goal is to make sure that everyone who puts in the effort gets to collect their prize pool. If by the end of the event you still have unpainted models, we will try to motivate you and help you finish your army even past the event end date.

If you do not end up painting anything, if you don’t come out to 6 nightly events or if you missed taking pictures of the majority of your primed models, you will not be eligible for your prize pool unfortunately.

What happens if I don’t win one of the 9 prizes?

    As long as your army has been completed and you have met the additional requirements, you will be awarded your entry fee +10% of your GW models purchased at The Game Chamber for your chosen faction.

What happens when I finish?

    Congratulations! You’ve successfully built & painted your points allotment in 10 months and also attended 6 events! We will calculate your 10% (as stated above) and add it to your entry fee. 3 sets of 3 lucky winners (9 in total) will win a modifier to their pool of 150%, 175% or 200%.

    Example 1: $120 entry (no purchases) and no prize = $120

    Example 2: $120 entry (no purchases) and a first place win (2x) = $240
    Example 3: $120 entry with $500 in purchases (+$50) and a first place vote (2x) = $340

    All prize amounts are paid back to you as full range GW store credit. 

So everybody gets a ribbon then?

    Finishing a full army is no easy task especially with basing and painting, and your participation over the 10 months helps us grow our community and also helps foster the environment we want at The Game Chamber. Awarding your entry fee back to you is our thank you for that.

Where does this money come from?
    The prize pool for this event is not taken from any other event or league. Our excellent relationship with suppliers has helped us bring this offer to you.

Are 3D Prints and 3rd party models allowed?

    Upgrades, weapon options, head swaps, and out of print or hard to acquire bits are allowed as long as 75% of the model is GW original. This will ensure that your army is legal in all events we run at The Game Chamber. If you have questions or inquiries about this rule please contact us directly.   
    Exceptions can be made for your army regarding this rule on a case by case basis as long as you understand that it may only be acceptable to play it in casual events.

Do I have to drop off my models for the finale showcase early?

Yes if you want a chance to win any of the bonus prizes. Please drop off your models 10 days before the finale showcase event. You will pick up your models on the day of the showcase.

What do I drop off?

    We ask that each participant brings in their best example of models that fit inside a 12” x 6” space. These models will be safely displayed behind glass for the public to vote on. These are also the models the Participants and Staff will vote on as well so choose wisely!

Do I have to attend the Finale Event?

We strongly suggest that you come to cast your vote for the player choice. Prizes and certificates will also be handed out at this event and this will be your first opportunity to use your credit won.

We will add to this as questions arise.
We can’t wait to see the fantastic armies you all produce in 21/22!!


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