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The wind rises, the sun disappears behind ash clouds, and raindrops, small and sparse at first, then large and thick like handfuls of water, fall on you... and that is how you found yourself in the Orchard. Welcome to the world of the dead and, more specifically, to the era of undead buccaneers. It has been many years since adventurers crossed the green clearings, the mysterious woods and the castles guarded by dragons. And who knows, that may be where you come from. Now it is the sea that calls you and, with it, all the mysteries and treasures it hides. This time, your unglamorous end will not take you out of the earth, but rather rise to the surface in the Sea of Mora – that is, this infinite expanse of salt water inhabited by abyssal monsters, pirate crews, and exotic tribes who wash the shores of the Five Earths. You will travel between the Sea of the Living and the Sea of the Dead, fight the Livingjoy fleet and the underwater towers of the Necrolovers, you will board ships to steal their treasures and you will venture into distant islands where the forces of whom reign.

Sea of Bones has everything you need to place your post-mortem adventures in the era of undead buckets, where the glamorous life of a pirate meets the life even more glamorous of the deceased. In addition to the scenery, you will find new funeral equipment, ship maneuvering rules, 4 new types of deaths, crew roles, a dedicated bestiary and a Dieland treasure, an adventure in which you will face the waters of the sea of Mora and those of the orchard to conquer a precious and equally dangerous treasure, treasure. The sea is waiting for you. Are you ready or prefer to turn into your grave a little longer before you get up?

Unglorious: Sea of Bones, is an expansion for the necro-fantasy role-playing game Unglorious, containing everything you need to play in The Age of Undead Buccaneers. Get up in the seas of the dead, go in search of hidden treasures, explore islands full of Whodoo's forces and... Watch out for curses.

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