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The rays of a hot sun caress the russet sand of the desert. In the silence of this land, the creaking blades of a mill listlessly cut the air, casting moving shadows on a fenced piece of land. And there, around a ramshackle fence, are equally dilapidated tombstones. Your tombstones. This time, however, immersed in the dust and lead of the dead! Welcome back to the world of Unglorious, aspiring heroes. What’s with the faces? This land is new to you and the world is no longer as you remembered it, is that it? Make yourself comfortable, and get ready to abandon your swords and armor to saddle your horse and cross the deserts of the Fronti-Era! This time your exploits will unfold between shootouts, gangs of outlaws, skeloons where the living and the dead share alcohol and fisticuffs, Necrolovers who dedicate themselves to extraction of the dead and Livingjoys armed with Living Lead guns, all in the typical - and defunct - backdrop of the wild west.

Lead of the Dead has everything you need to set your post-mortem adventures in the Fronti-Era, where the wild lives of gunslingers are made even harder (yet exciting) by the one thing that will sooner or later bring us all together - death! In addition to the background and everything you need to venture into the Re-Dead Valley, you will find new Funerary Equipment, guides for horseback riding, fistfights and shootouts, 4 new Deceased Types, rules for managing Fame and bounties, a themed bestiary, and Redhead Redemption, an adventure that will put you on the heels of the vile Badjamin Redhead’s gang! The Fronti-Era is calling you. Will you face it or pretend you had your coffin on silent mode?

Unglorious: Lead of the Dead, is an expansion for the necro-fantasy role-playing game Unglorious, containing everything you need to play in the Fronti-Era. Saddle your horse (or what's left of it), charge your six-shooter and rise again in the deserts of the Re-Dead Valley!

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