A Song of Ice & Fire: Harma's Vangaurd

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  • NORTH OF THE WALL CAVALRY: Bolster your Free Folk army with Harma Dogshead’s Vanguard, a rare and inspiring cavalry unit in the harsh northern environment.
  • LIGHTLY ARMORED, HIGH SPEED: Though lightly armored, these cavalry units excel in speed, making them effective scouts and spearheads in battle.
  • TACTICAL MANEUVERABILITY: Ideal for executing well-coordinated maneuvers to outflank enemies, enhancing strategic gameplay.
  • HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES: Includes pre-assembled, intricately detailed miniatures, ready for immediate gameplay and customization through painting.
  • COMPETITIVE MINIATURES GAME: Part of a competitive game where players control Great Houses of Westeros, vying for the Iron Throne.

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