Fallout Wasteland Warfare Super Mutants Marcus & Lily

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    Marcus has been many things: A member of the Master's army, a sheriff in Broken Hills, and now the leader of Jacobstown, a place for Super Mutants and Nightkin to live, albeit somewhat dysfunctionally. He is a veteran of several conflicts and incidents, and while he tries to keep the peace he can hold his own if called to fight. One of this number includes Lily, a Nightkin with multiple personality disorder. She is one-part caring grandmother, one-part a ravening combat monster named "Leo"; only time will tell which personality will win out.

    Resin components.

    2 Miniatures
      ‣ 1 Marcus
      ‣ 1 Lily
    2 Scenic Base (40mm)

    - $27.42

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